Clear Quartz Point

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Clear Quartz Point


Approx. 132 mm tall


Please Note: No two stones are EVER alike, natural stone will have small variations from the image due to every stone forming in its own way naturally. 

Clear Quartz

Appearance: Long, pointed crystals, transparent, milky or striated, often in clusters, all sizes

Metaphysical: Concentration, focus, being at one with the universe, amplifying and manifesting intentions

Legend: In ancient Rome, quartz was believed to be solidified ice, and wealthy ladies carried crystal balls to cool their hands in the hot summers weather. In Central and South American cultures, quartz crystals were carved in the shapes of human skulls. 

Clear Quartz is excellent for amplifying the energies of other stones or to enhance groups of stones, and is an ideal central stone in grids. It also restores balance to the body, strengthens metabolism, and is powerful anti-inflammatory. Working on every level of being, quartz attunes to your desires and emotional needs, and can be used for all forms of spiritual healing. Connecting you to powerful manifestation stone, but it’s very important you know exactly what you are seeking, and focus your intention in the most positive way. With this crystal, what you ask from the universes, you usually get. 

Used in meditation, Quartz filters out distractions. Quartz aids concentration and unlocks memory. You can wear them, carry them, or meditate with them to achieve connection, healing, and enlightenment. When you connect through a crystal, you bring in the vibrations of spiritual energy and universal unity. 


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