About Us

Welcome to Charmed Moonchild Emporium!

A crystal isn't going to solve all your problems...Or maybe it will. I don't know. But then again neither do you. It can't hurt, right?

The general public would consider crystals as something of pastimes or have little to no interest. Well, I once thought that way also. However, during the pandemic, life came to a standstill and that's when my spiritual journey began. My spiritual journey has lead me to the curiosity and growing interest of the healing and metaphysical properties of crystals. A journey that has helped me find myself again, along with dealing with depression and seeking life's purposes. I don't have all the answers right now or have found out completely what my life's purposes is but that's okay. My spiritual journey is also a life's journey and I look forward to what the universal intended for me. Charmed Moonchild Emporium was started in hopes of providing you with your crystal needs whether it's for your own spiritual journey or whatever you may need it for. Thank you for stopping by and supporting my small business.


Jessica Rattanasena, CCP, ACM (owner)



Jessica Rattanasena founded Charmed Moonchild Emporium, a small business created to offer quality crystals, grids, jewelry, and other tools that will support physical and spiritual alignment, meditation, crystal healing, energy work, or as amenities to enhance your spiritual journey, personal space, or home decor.

Jessica is a graduate of Hibiscus Moon Academy, as a Certified Crystal Practitioner and Advanced Crystal Master.